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  1. существительное
    • необходимые средства, деньги

      I haven't the wherewithal to continue my education — у меня нет средств для продолжения образования

  • необходимые средства
  • деньги

Примеры использования

The couple really wants to buy the house, but they do not have the wherewithal to make the down payment.
Big companies have more wherewithal to buy bulk product that mom and pop shops do.
The deli owner didn’t know if he had the financial wherewithal to go another six months without any profit.
As a billionaire, the man had the wherewithal to start up any business he wished.
The business doesn’t have the wherewithal to make the merger happen and is looking to borrow the funds.
You are poor and have not the wherewithal with which to nourish your mother.
Those who had wherewithal to give in money or kind, had given.
She had nothing left for the evening, not even the wherewithal to buy a loaf.
It's vexatious, when one has the wherewithal to pay for wetting his whistle!
Or how could he be the richest of men who might even have to go begging, because he had not wherewithal to live?
Finding it, he reached into another pocket for the wherewithal to fill it.
"There is the wherewithal to hang your fine husband," he announced in triumph.
You hold the wherewithal to ruin me, and you will use it if I insist upon my husband's rights.
The sum paid for their ransom was so large that he at once had the wherewithal to pay his mercenaries.
So far, they always provided the wherewithal, and looked on, holding the bag.

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