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  1. существительное
    • путешествие (морское или воздушное); плавание, морской переход; полёт, перелёт; рейс (судна, самолёта)

      homeward voyage — обратный рейс

      outward voyage — рейс за границу

      balloon voyage — метеор. полёт шара-пилота /шара-зонда/

      voyage policy — страх. рейсовый полис

      voyage charter — страх. рейсовый чартер, страхование судна на рейс

    • странствования; жизненный путь

    • книга или рассказ о путевых впечатлениях

  2. глагол
    • путешествовать (по морю, самолётом); плавать, быть в плавании; находиться в полёте, совершать полёт или перелёт

      to voyage across the Atlantic — пересечь Атлантический океан

    • блуждать, бродить (о мыслях и т. п.)

  • путешествие
long sea voyage – долгое морское путешествие
ocean voyage – океанское плавание
  • рейс
return voyage – обратный рейс
  • вояж
foreign voyage – заграничный вояж
  • путешествовать
  • плавать
  • рейсовый
voyage charter – рейсовый чартер

Примеры использования

During the seven-day voyage, the ship traveled to three different countries.
Nobody thought the voyage would end with the deaths of thousands of people and the destruction of the Titanic.
Because I get seasick, I always put medicine in my carryon when I am packing for a voyage.
The inexperienced sailor was nervous about his first voyage.
To escape harsh conditions in their native countries, many people attempt the dangerous voyage across the ocean.
My reason for concealment was, that I might surprise you at the end of this voyage.
The voyage was more than half completed, and nothing of importance had occurred to mark it.
Unless you do as I bid you, I will keep you in irons for the rest of the voyage!
Leaving the two to pursue their voyage home, we return to Captain Haley.
I want you to take this money, and take care of it, while I am gone on my present voyage.
Not a symptom of disobedience during the rest of the voyage.
Bill Swett did not make this voyage with us, the cook acting as steward.
I also sold my share in the Venus' voyage for one hundred and twenty dollars.
The voyage turned out well, and my arm got as strong as ever.
I now got my wages for the Canton voyage; but they lasted me only a fortnight!

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