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  1. прилагательное
    • живой, оживлённый; бодрый; весёлый, жизнерадостный

    • редк. живучий

    • многолетний

    • зимующий

  • живой
  • жизнерадостный

Примеры использования

When the vivacious child came through the school’s door on her first day of kindergarten, she spoke with every student and volunteered to do every activity.
The young man drew attention as he entered the party due to his vivacious personality while he bounced around the room.
Vivacious actresses typically get picked for comedic roles where the characters are very active by running around.
In order for the contestant to do the vivacious dance, she knew she would need to improve her stamina and endurance due to all of those wild dance steps.
Every time my vivacious neighbor comes to my door, she brings me a pan of brownies with her cheery smile on her face while singing to me.
And then she was on the sidewalk, her face, upturned to his, vivacious with excitement.
My mother's imagination was as vivacious, but not as tenacious as my own.
At this Pierre could not refrain from a dolorous and vivacious interruption.
Like the people about her she was vivacious, but her vivacity was tragic—she had not come here to be gay.
Lulie laughed and chatted and was engagingly charming and vivacious.
They were vivacious damsels and their conversation and laughter were by no means subdued.
But the other prisoner is vivacious, and even his vivacity is dreary.
The Frenchman drank a little and slowly, and was merry and vivacious.
If you are original and vivacious hosts, your guests will have a jolly time.
They are useful, good-looking, piquant, tasteful and vivacious.


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