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  1. существительное
    • ВИП, очень важная персона, высокопоставленное лицо; весьма важная персона

    • слабовидящий, инвалид по зрению

    • процессор видеоизображений

    • очень важное лицо

    • вазоактивный интестинальный полипептид, ВИП

    • командный процессор языка VHDL

    • рекл. = valued impression per pound

  • ВИП
  • особо важная персона
  • важная персона
  • высокопоставленное лицо
  • очень важное лицо

Примеры использования

You and all the rest of the newshawks who were here and any fifty VIP's you want to invite.
The VIP's thought that the native population should be aware of it.
Goil then excused himself coldly and left for the VIP quarters.
These exercises executed with vim, vigor, and vip—deep breathing between each set—will take ten to fifteen minutes.
Chermany cannot be vip, but Ameriga shall down mit her knees go, und Chermany shall says vords dot Ameriga does not like to hear.
And, from the woods, came the mellow whinnying of a herd of vip, the wool of which is highly valued for weaving.
There's always something that has to be picked up personally, usually an interview with some VIP traveling through.
Discreetly avoiding the wine list, Sextus dined well, noting several movie stars and other vip's in the crowded dining room.


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