vernacular Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • национальный, народный; родной (о языке)

      the botanical and the vernacular names for flowers — ботанические и народные названия цветов

      English is the vernacular tongue of the USA — английский язык

    • местный

      the vernacular languages of India — местные языки Индии

      the vernacular arts of Brittany — местные /народные/ художественные промыслы Бретани

      vernacular disease — местная болезнь, эндемическое заболевание

    • разговорный (о языке); просторечный (в противоп. литературному, письменному)

      vernacular Arabic — разговорный /народный/ арабский язык; просторечие арабского языка

    • диалектный

    • написанный или высказанный на родном языке

      our vernacular literature — литература на нашем родном языке

    • написанный или высказанный на местном диалекте

      vernacular poetry — стихи на диалекте

  2. существительное
    • родной язык; национальный язык

      our own vernacular — наш родной язык

      Latin gave place to the vernacular — латынь уступила место национальному /родному, местному/ языку

    • просторечие (в противоп. литературному языку); разговорный язык (в противоп. письменному)

    • (the vernacular) местный диалект

    • (the vernacular) профессиональный язык, жаргон

      the vernacular of the stage — театральный жаргон

      to use the vernacular of teachers — употреблять учительские словечки; ≅ как говорят учителя

    • общепринятое, народное название растения или животного (в отличие от научного)

      in the vernacular — в сильных выражениях

      the vernacular of Covent Garden — площадные выражения, рыночная брань

  • народный
  • местный
  • разговорный
  • родной
vernacular language – родной язык
  • родной язык
  • просторечие
  • диалект

Примеры использования

His vernacular identified him as a Frenchman.
It is impossible to understand her vernacular!
Because she spoke in the southern vernacular, she often used the word “ya’ll” in conversation.
While the author never stated the novel's setting, the vernacular of the characters identified the location as somewhere in Asia.
The vernacular of today’s young people is very confusing for some of the older generation.
To hold the interest of the community, the playwright penned his play using only the local vernacular.
Although the speaker and I both spoke English, his vernacular was so different from mine that I could not understand him at all.
After transferring from a private school, Margaret found it difficult to understand the urban vernacular at her public school.
When the clan moved away from their tribe, they created their own vernacular.
Even though the teenager spoke the vernacular of the streets with her friends, she always used proper English at home.
"'It is not the custom,'" wearily quoted Kingozi in the vernacular.
The jokes are in the vernacular, but in a vernacular as spoken in a certain social medium.
He was, if you will pardon the vernacular, on the outside, looking in.
This court is overrun with Jesuits, and we must needs adopt their vernacular.
She said this in the tone of one consciously assuming the vernacular.
He told his story in a vernacular racier than I dare to copy; but it came to this.
These were what were known in the vernacular as "on-marchantable shingle-bolts."
He used no slang, and retained scarcely a word of his boyhood's vernacular.
Vernacular (from verna, a slave born in his master's house).
Stannard would use the vernacular of the frontier when at all excited.


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