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  1. существительное
    • разнообразие

      variety in food — разнообразие в еде /в пище/

      varieties of fortune — перипетии судьбы

      variety of opinions — различные точки зрения

      variety of shapes — разнообразие форм

      to lend variety to smth. — вносить разнообразие во что-л.

      life full of variety — жизнь, полная разнообразия /перемен/

      he cannot live without variety — он не может жить без смены впечатлений

      I was struck by the variety of his attainments — я был поражён его разносторонностью

    • ряд, множество

      for a variety of reasons [of causes] — по (целому) ряду соображений [причин]; по разным соображениям [причинам]

      to deal in a variety of goods — иметь в продаже широкий ассортимент товаров

      she turned over a variety of silks — она перевернула груду шелков

    • вид

      rare varieties of jubilee stamps — редкие юбилейные марки

    • амер. = variety store

    • биол. разновидность, вариетет

      silkworm varieties — разновидности шелковичных червей

    • с.-х. сорт

      a variety of apple — сорт яблок

      variety test plot — с.-х. сортоучасток

  • сорт
local variety – местный сорт
winter wheat variety – сорт озимой пшеницы
variety of green tea – сорт зеленого чая
white grape variety – белый сорт
new crop varieties – новые сорта
  • разновидность
variety of quartz – разновидность кварца
varieties of orchids – видов орхидей
  • множество
variety of formats – множество форматов
  • многообразие
algebraic variety – алгебраическое многообразие
variety of architectural styles – разнообразие архитектурных стилей
variety of bird species – разнообразие птиц
  • ряд
variety of reasons – ряд причин
  • варьете
variety theatre – театр варьете
variety theater – театр эстрады
  • выбор
wide variety of dishes – большой выбор блюд
variety of goods – ассортимент товаров
  • многосторонность
  • различный
variety of attractions – различные аттракционы
variety of menu items – разнообразное меню
  • эстрадный
variety show – эстрадный концерт

Примеры использования

The small bakery held a variety of cupcakes, pastries, and muffins in exciting flavors like cotton candy and passion fruit.
People enjoy buffets because there is a huge variety of food available to choose from.
Dana wanted to purchase a big enough variety of clothes for back to school shopping that she would not repeat a single outfit for at least a month.
The thrift store had a variety of one of a kind, vintage dresses in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
The talented jewelry maker sold a variety of unique, hand-crafted bracelets, rings, and necklaces and not a single design was the same.
He was seated at a table with a variety of papers spread out before him.
In the nearer ranks we may discern the variety of ingredients that compose the mass.
After the onions have been peeled, they may be cooked in a variety of ways.
There is also a variety of scientific mysticism, if such an expression may be permitted.
The village was picturesque, in the variety of its edifices, though all were rude.
Prisoners, too, are commonly allowed to help themselves in a variety of ways.
In this large and happy family there was a variety of pursuits.
They were soon quite intimate, and lightened the way with a variety of conversation.
The bills, as a variety in the funeral procession, almost amounted to a decoration.
Yet it was the variety of his game for which he cared least.


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