unyielding Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • непреклонный, упорный, твёрдый

      unyielding in his opinion — не желающий отказаться от своего мнения

    • тех. неподатливый

    • стр. не дающий осадки

  • неподатливый
unyielding spirit – несгибаемый дух
unyielding faith – непоколебимая вера
  • твердый
  • упорный

Примеры использования

My unyielding father refused to increase my allowance.
Because Jan has an unyielding commitment to the shelter, she will not stop working until we reach our fundraising goal.
We were confident in our belief the dam would remain unyielding and not fall to the pressure of the water.
Even the prescription drugs could not eliminate my unyielding depression.
Since Bill has an unyielding passion for teaching, he has been in the classroom for over forty years.
If it is properly put together it will remain rigid and unyielding.
Peaceful studied his face, found it stern and unyielding, and nodded assent.
But one answer--a stern, unyielding NO--will be given to all such proposals.
As she took him she felt the chill of the stiff, unyielding small body.
Then, after a while, he sat looking out of the window with a hard, unyielding stare.
There was a devilish cruelty in every line in his hard, unyielding features.
From it she judged him malleable now, that had been so stern and unyielding before.
He saw the stern, unyielding compression of the lean, muscular jaws.
Iredale asked, poising his glass on one of the unyielding arms of his chair.
There was something so unyielding in the keen, aquiline nose and pointed chin.


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