unsex Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • лишать признаков пола; делать бесполым

    • кастрировать

    • редк. лишать мужественности

    • арх., поэт. лишать женственности

      unsex me here (Shakespeare) — измените мой пол (слова леди Макбет)

  • кастрировать

Примеры использования

Education, beyond the simple old-fashioned limits, tended only to unsex her.
When a woman does unsex herself, she can give a man points in wickedness that he never dreamed of.
The attitude of men toward those women who have so far presumed to "unsex themselves" is known to all.
She cannot unsex herself or rid herself of the feeling that admiration is accorded to her as a pretty woman.
George Eliot, as a true artist, sees what is faulty in the catastrophe, but she will not unsex her creation.
Now the effect of the parasite seems to be to unsex as it were its victims so far as their outward appearance is concerned.
It is a mistaken idea to suppose that to become an accomplished horse-woman a lady must unsex herself.
Their unnatural attempt to be wiser than God, and to unsex themselves, had done little but disease their mind and heart.
Many Socialists, in giving to woman equality with man as a wage-earner and voter, wish to unsex her completely.
There be many ways a woman can "unsex" herself, beside lecturing in public.


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