transpose Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • перемещать, переставлять; менять местами

      to transpose the words in a sentence — переставлять слова в предложении

    • переносить в другую часть уравнения с обратным знаком

    • транспонировать

      to transpose a matrix — транспонировать матрицу

    • муз. транспонировать

  2. существительное
    • мат. транспозиция (матрицы)

  • транспонировать
transposed matrix – транспонированная матрица
  • перемещать
  • перенести
  • транспонирование

Примеры использования

For the student, the most difficult part of dealing with dyslexia was his tendency to transpose numbers that were side by side.
In order to transpose the terms, the mathematician replaced the letter a with b and the letter b with a.
While getting ready to take group pictures, the photographer had to transpose the position of several students so that the taller ones would be in the back.
Although he usually sang his top hits first, the performer decided to mix things up and transpose the songs on his set list.
It drove the professor crazy that the identical twins liked to transpose and pretend to be each other during classes.
Transpose it into platinum or uranium—anything good and heavy.
See whether you can transpose these suggestions into the terms of your problem.
Substitute Roman figures for the Arabic numerals, and transpose the letters.
But I can transpose to any of the copies of my portrait, anywhere.
To transpose a quantity from one side of an equation to another is to place it across.
I know all about you girls who play, sing, transpose and compose.
We might also transpose, but, I think, with a loss of force.
"We could just transpose the whole area," Charles suggested.
Do not transpose letters; place each letter where it belongs.
He is a great reader, of course, and can transpose at sight, and all that sort of thing.


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