thoroughfare Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • оживлённая улица; главная артерия (города); транспортная магистраль

      the busy thoroughfares of a great city — оживлённые улицы большого города

    • водный путь, водная магистраль; канал; пролив; река

    • проход, проезд; путь общего пользования

      no thoroughfare — проезд закрыт (надпись)

  • проезд
  • проход
  • магистраль
city thoroughfare – городская магистраль

Примеры использования

If you want to go straight through town you should use the thoroughfare, which is the biggest road in the center of town.
Most of the places of interest in a town will be alongside the thoroughfare, since it is the most accessible road in the settlement.
The thoroughfare is usually in the center of town, being the main road that leads to the most places of interest.
A town’s thoroughfare will usually lead you from one end of the settlement to the other, since it is designed as the main road.
You should use the thoroughfare if you want to find the most popular places in town, because most of these joints are situated along the most well-traveled road.
The path was wider and more worn now--almost a thoroughfare, in fact.
Quickly her glance returned to his face; his gaze was bent down the thoroughfare.
Hitch Pegasus to a family cart and he can't go off the thoroughfare.
It would entirely change the thoroughfare of the world's commerce.
It turned their hopes and aspirations in a way which was really "no thoroughfare."
That lake that was no lake offered about as good a thoroughfare as rats get in a rain-barrel.
There must be some thoroughfare to firm ground and clear vision.
To his consternation, the van turned off the thoroughfare and headed in his direction.
At length the thoroughfare was cleared and the Count's vehicle could proceed.
Would not that very much depend upon its being in a thoroughfare?


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