tempting Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • искушающий, соблазняющий

    • соблазнительный, заманчивый

      tempting offer — заманчивое предложение

      tempting dish — аппетитное блюдо

      to look tempting — выглядеть соблазнительно

  • заманчивый
tempting offer – заманчивое предложение
tempting smell – соблазнительные запахи
  • привлекательный
  • искушающий
  • искушение

Примеры использования

This is the sense in which the Bible speaks of God as tempting persons.
It was tempting, and although it had a peculiar odour, she swallowed it.
But I cannot linger upon this at present, tempting although it be.
That is, I declare, Mr. Monday, it looks awfully like tempting Providence!
The most tempting avenue of invasion was the valley of the Adige River.
He abandoned her like a skunk, and his people threw the blame on her for tempting him.
So tempting, you know, old chap, I couldn't resist sketching him!
She tried all sorts of tempting dishes, but the result was discouraging.
"It is tempting—" And those three words threw him into a tumult of joy.
But he had been formerly a great lover of fish, and the smell of the frying-pan was most tempting.


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