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  1. прилагательное
    • имеющий тонкий вкус

      tasteful man — человек со вкусом

    • сделанный со вкусом

      tasteful decorations — изящные украшения

    • редк. вкусный

      tasteful food [dish] — вкусная пища [-ое блюдо]

  • вкусный
  • изящный
  • сделанный со вкусом
  • со вкусом

Примеры использования

I've heard these highbrow chaps talking about the Mob and the Tasteful Few.
With the material at his command, he kept Inez clothed in a tasteful manner.
The workmanship of the pahu, though rude, was of tasteful design.
They are useful, good-looking, piquant, tasteful and vivacious.
The furniture and curtains were tasteful and in good order, but nothing was new.
It was not at all an elegant house,—not even, I am sorry to say, a tasteful one.
They are put on in a moment, and, to my vulgar eye, look neat and tasteful.
They are not only useful as Book Registers, but elegant and tasteful as presents.
It is graceful, in the personal beauty and tasteful apparel of the maidens.
Much depends upon a tasteful and tactful choice of colour for it.


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