surging Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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Примеры использования

Dr. Everett said again, a surge of indignation rushing over him.
As for Garson, once again the surge of feeling threatened to overwhelm his self-control.
Now all these aches and agonies of the past were lulled by the surge of tired muscles.
And as the vessel heaved over to the surge, the boat was launched.
He must face gust and surge, for he cannot choose his time and weather.
They do something; and the whole flood of their life does not surge into the action!
This, he thought with a surge of hope, was going to work out after all.
The youth gave a surge that flung the horse upon its haunches.
Sailors were seen floating in the water, then sinking in the surge.
I choked back the surge of repulsion and said to Roebuck: "Then where shall I sit?"

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