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  1. существительное
    • управляющий; директор

    • контролёр; надзиратель

    • суперинтендент (полиции; старший полицейский чин; тж. police superintendent)

    • комендант жилого дома; управляющий домом

  2. прилагательное
    • управляющий; руководящий

    • надзирающий; контролирующий

  • управляющий
new superintendent – новый управляющий
superintendent of police – начальник полиции
superintendent of schools – руководитель школы
  • надзиратель
general superintendent – генеральный суперинтендант
chief superintendent – главный смотритель
  • старший полицейский офицер
  • прораб
senior superintendent – старший прораб
  • комендант
  • завхоз

Примеры использования

The superintendent is in charge of everything we do here.
A superintendent must keep track of what the employees under her are doing.
A superintendent has a lot of responsibilities when organizing an activity.
You should ask the superintendent if you want to plan a special activity.
All of our reports go to the superintendent so she can decide what to do next.
The superintendent would have refused an interview but for one consideration.
"I suppose you want to be taken back," said the superintendent, abruptly.
That evening, the lawyer called at the house of the superintendent.
I wish my father had intrusted his money to you instead of to the superintendent.
It is the superintendent of the factory in our village—a man rich, or, at any rate, well-to-do.
Meanwhile, fortune had improved with Mr. Davis, the superintendent of the factory.
"I think I will," said the superintendent, helping himself to a fresh slice of toast.
"Good-morning, Mr. Davis," said Robert, as the superintendent entered.
"It hasn't much for me," said the superintendent, shrugging his shoulders.
"Good-night, captain," said the superintendent, accompanying him to the door.


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