super Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • ненужный или лишний человек

    • магазин улья

    • что-либо великолепное, замечательное

    • ком. товар, продукт высшего качества

  2. наречие
    • сл. очень, в высшей степени

      a super special car — совершенно необыкновенный автомобиль

    • чрезмерно, слишком

    • сокр. от supernumerary

    • сокр. от superintendent

    • сокр. от super-film

    • сокр. от superfine

    • сокр. от superficial

    • сокр. от supervisor

  3. прилагательное
    • сл. превосходный, великолепный

      she is a super cook — она великолепно готовит

    • огромный; сверхмощный

      a super bomb — сверхбомба

    • эмоц.-усил., ирон. крайний, в высшей степени

      super secrecy — глубокая тайна; сверхсекретность

  • превосходный
  • супер
super sport – супер спорт
  • сверхвысокий
  • огромный
  • управляющий
  • сверхприбыль
  • управляющий

Примеры использования

You did a super job on your math test to have scored an A+.
The atomic bomb is considered a super weapon because of its incredible power.
You are super strong if you can lift five hundred pounds!
Someone who is super smart will probably ace that test.
Linda is so super friendly that no one dislikes her.
The nature they portray is not human, but super- or subter-human, which you will.
He was fighting desperately, his super mech's strength overtaxed.
It was only then that he realized this must be a super mech.
That night he had begged Janith to let him rent a super mech.
He wanted to call to the super and ask if at least he could buy the lantern.
If he accepts you as king-to-be, then you'll be a sort of super clan head.
They've brought Harborough down, and the Super wants a word with you.
Two-thirds of the huge cluster were in the air about me, before the super was lifted.
If so be as you see our super, Mr. Neale, you might mention that we're out and about.
He looked helplessly from Donkin to the super, and then back again at Donkin.


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