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  1. прилагательное
    • солнечный; освещённый солнцем; согретый лучами солнца

      sunny room [side] — солнечная комната [сторона]

    • весёлый, радостный, счастливый

      sunny disposition — жизнерадостный характер

      sunny smile — солнечная улыбка, сияющая улыбка

    • наилучший

      sunny side — наилучшая сторона (чего-л.)

      on the sunny side of thirty — моложе тридцати

      to look on the sunny side of things — смотреть бодро на жизнь, быть оптимистом

    • похожий на солнце (по цвету или яркости)

      sunny locks — золотистые локоны

  • солнечный
sunny side – солнечная сторона
bright sunny day – яркий солнечный день
  • радостный

Примеры использования

A sunny day will ensure that everything is bright and cheerful.
With sunny weather you will be able to see clearly outside.
It is best to visit a beach while it is sunny outside.
Sunny weather is usually bright and warm.
Technically it is always sunny, but sometimes clouds block the light from reaching us.
What real worth might lie under this sunny surface the future must determine.
The mountains were turning purple, and a sunny mist lay all over the shores.
And her sunny locks Hang on her temples like a golden fleece.
"I mean it," he said, and he quoted the lines about Portia's sunny locks.
The dismal Hecate did not much like the idea of going abroad into the sunny world.
She with power, power to make things straight and sunny and wholesome!
As the winter set in, an anxiety fell on the family which had passed so sunny a summer.
"We will take care that you do that, sir," said Hamish, with his sunny smile.
But Hamish could not lose his sunny temperament, his winning manner.
Surrounded by a court of adorers of both sexes, I lived in a sunny dream.


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