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  1. существительное
    • вещество

      heavy [porous, yellow, transparent] substance — тяжёлое [пористое, жёлтое, прозрачное] вещество

      solid substance — твёрдое тело

    • сущность, существо, суть, истинный смысл; содержание

      emotional substance — эмоциональное содержание

      the substance of the case — существо /суть/ дела

      in substance — а) в сущности, по сути; I agree with you in substance

      an argument of little substance — не очень веский аргумент

      to come to the substance of the matter — перейти к существу вопроса

      there is no substance in him — у него нет ничего за душой, он пустой человек

    • филос. субстанция, материя

    • твёрдость, плотность

    • юр. имущество, состояние

      a man of substance — состоятельный человек

      to waste one's substance — растратить своё состояние

  • вещество
biologically active substance – биологически активное вещество
release of hazardous substances – выброс вредных веществ
harmful substances in air – вредные вещества в воздухе
effect of chemical substances – воздействие химических веществ
oxidation of organic substances – окисление органических веществ
number of other substances – ряд других веществ
drug substance – лекарственная субстанция
original substance – первоначальная материя
  • существо
matter of substance – вопрос существа
  • сущность
divine substance – божественная сущность
substance of life – суть жизни
  • содержание
inner substance – внутреннее содержание
  • имущество
  • плотность

Примеры использования

Floyd realized that he must have stepped into a gooey substance on the garage floor before he tracked it through the house.
Houses located in rich neighborhoods require countertops to be made of a marble or granite substance in order to sell at a high price.
After mixing the substance together, I spread the compound on the grass in order to kill the weeds.
In the test tubes, the scientist analyzed the substance to determine if there were any changes in its appearance.
Usually subsistence farmers are able to get every substance their body needs by obtaining the vitamins and minerals from the foods that they grow.
Substance of one of Lovelace's letters, of her answer, and of his reply.
To all appearance, the rock was as firmly fastened as any other portion of the earth's substance.
You have the wisdom that grasps the substance and lets the shadows flit.
The substance of a lady's letter, it has been said, always is comprised in the postscript.
Till when, I will give you the substance of what I wrote him yesterday.
He discarded the older notions of heat as a substance, and accepted it as a form of energy.
I will here give you the substance of Mr. Lovelace's letter.
Following the above quotation we have the line, "Than can the substance," etc.
I like it to be serious and morality to form the substance of it.
If you are not tired of her, and you have any substance, she may sell it and follow you.'


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