sublimate Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • возвышать, придавать возвышенный характер

    • делаться более возвышенным, очищаться; облагораживаться

    • психол. сублимировать (особ. половое влечение)

    • спец. сублимировать, возгонять

  2. существительное
    • спец. сублимат, возгон; продукт возгонки

      corrosive sublimate — хим. сулема

  • сублимировать
  • возвышать
  • возгонять
  • очищать
  • сулема
  • возгон

Примеры использования

Rather than start an argument I chose to sublimate my anger by clenching my fists and walking away.
The artist is known for his ability to sublimate his anger into his paintings.
When Gail’s husband died, she tried to sublimate her grief by feeding the homeless.
Jack learned to sublimate his anger by taking boxing lessons.
To keep my job, I must sublimate my irritation into kindness when dealing with mean customers.
Now that they're out of their force field, they'll start to sublimate.
It readily furnishes a sublimate at 100°, partially decomposing.
Boil them in a glass bottel till the sublimate be dissolved.
We must sublimate it, grind it down, hammer it out into a useful pattern.
In this there will always be a little of the sublimate left on the bottom of the jar.
This sublimate is yellow while hot, but changes to white when cold.
Tellurium, or its acid and oxide, may be got as a sublimate in the tube.
Anton Pavlovitch instantly washed his wound with warm water and sublimate, sprinkled iodoform and put on a bandage.
Heated in an ignition tube fuses and gives a sublimate of antimonious oxide.
Heated in an ignition tube gives a sublimate of sulphur, the residue becoming magnetic.

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