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  1. прилагательное
    • умный, самостоятельно мыслящий; энергичный, решительный

    • неодобр. развитая, передовая, эмансипированная

Примеры использования

The strong-minded lady was not at all sure that this was a blessed exception.
I certainly could not flatter myself that I was so strong-minded.
The czarina was strong-minded, but neither cruel nor perfidious.
You do not then approve of the strong-minded woman, the female philosopher.
A strong-minded woman is easier to persuade than a weak one.
Help me, Jasper; I am not a bit a strong-minded girl, I am just very loving.
I suppose that no author that ever lived is so irritating to strong-minded idealists.
At last, I was subjected to the usual onslaught from the strong-minded.
Whatever my virtues may be, I am afraid I am not strong-minded!
My mother, whatever she might have been when a girl, was now a strong-minded, clever woman.


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