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  1. существительное
    • борьба; спор; ссора; несогласие

      to be at strife — а) находиться в противоречии; б) находиться в состоянии конфликта

      to make /to beget/ strife — сеять раздоры

      to cease from strife — сложить оружие

    • редк. соперничество, конкуренция; соревнование

    • редк. усилие

  • борьба
internal strife – внутренняя борьба
  • раздор
age of strife – век раздора
religious strife – религиозная рознь
political strife – политическая вражда
  • ссора
  • спор
  • несогласие
  • волнение

Примеры использования

A tactical team was sent in to end the strife between the two gangs.
If the two countries do not put their strife to rest, they will cause the deaths of thousands of citizens.
The priest listened calmly as the arguing couple told him about the strife in their marriage.
When the political strife ended, the two parties were able to reach an agreement on the legislative bill.
The young people could not date because of the strife between their two families.
Even though Jack was angry with his brother, he decided to walk away from the strife before unforgettable words were spoken.
The strife between the coach and the quarterback negatively affected the team’s performance.
As a mediator, Timothy has to come up with ways to end strife between opposing parties.
The strife between the two brothers started when they fell in love with the same girl.
Although the church was supposed to be a united body, its leaders were divided by strife over what to do with the church’s excess funds.
Here, perhaps, may be found the symbolic clue to the strife's cause.
For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.
A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
In it we do not know the evil passions which ambition and strife are said to arouse.
When once war was declared there was no drawing back from the strife.
His mother and he, when not actually at strife, were constantly on the edge of a quarrel.
It wad but raise a strife atween the twa, ohn dune an atom o' guid.
There is strife between the Blessed and the Damned; the obedient and the disobedient.
This is proved by the strife and contention of the Gods respecting her.
It was—like all battlefields after the strife is ended—a sad spectacle.


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