standardize Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • стандартизировать; нормализовать, нормировать; калибровать

    • хим. титровать (раствор)

  • стандартизировать
  • нормировать
standardized residual – нормированный остаток

Примеры использования

Math is an academic art that we had to standardize so it would make sense to everyone.
Because there are many dialects for each language, you have to standardize it to have a common language for the whole country.
There are many ways to write, but schools had to standardize it with special formats like APA or MLA to avoid confusion.
When you want everyone to do something the exact same way, you have to standardize it.
It would be much easier to do math if we would just standardize one way to solve every problem.
He graded the work of the school and endeavored to standardize instruction.
Therefore, standardize your files, and interest your officials.
The answer is that the manufacturers learned to standardize their product.
It is comparatively easy and simple to standardize a function.
It is extremely difficult and complex to standardize an individual.
But he is preparing to do something hardly less daring, namely, to standardize the types that may be sold.
N/10 hydrochloric acid to standardize N/10 alcoholic sodium hydroxide.
It sought not to standardize either baggage-cars or locomotives or dining-car meals.
Therefore it is difficult to standardize the serum to get a proper amount of amboceptor for the complement present.
Prior to that time the civic club of Philadelphia attempted to standardize the work and wages of domestic workers in that city.


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