splatter Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • плескать, брызгать

    • плескаться, брызгаться

  2. прочее
    • амер. = spatter

  • брызги
blood splatter – брызги крови
  • плескаться
  • забрызгать
  • бормотать

Примеры использования

Shells from hostile batteries were beginning to splatter down just beyond.
Overhead, a splatter of rain pinged on the tin roof of the cabin.
There is a hole, and there is a splatter and a change of the line.
Only when alone under that splatter of stars did he feel the moment big with more than a mere release from textbooks.
A few of them, however—just a splatter—did fall on his fish, but it didn't matter as it was a salt fish anyway.
In the background the moon glinted in derision, and directly overhead was a splatter of callous stars.
This is known as "Splatter work," and consists of sprinkling minute dots of the black drawing fluid wherever required.
He was thinking of the "artists" who splatter up clean canvas and call it "artistic self-expression."
Lonely trees and brush stood like decaying phantoms in the splatter of her headlights.
A splatter of partially dried mud on the trunk of a tree revealed that the passer-by had left the spot some hours before.


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