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  1. существительное
    • род, порода

      the species, our species — человеческий род

      progress of the species in science — достижения человечества в области науки

    • вид, разновидность

      mineral species — различные виды минералов

      blackmail is a species of crime — шантаж

    • биол. вид

      allied species — биол. родственные виды

      the origin of species — биол. происхождение видов

    • чувственное представление

    • умственный образ

    • объект мысли, рассматриваемый как подобие предмета в природе

  • порода
valuable species – ценная порода
species of grapes – сортов винограда
  • разновидность
species of plants – разновидностей растений
human species – человеческий род
migratory species – мигрирующий вид
different bird species – различных видов птиц
rare endemic species – редкий эндемичный вид
various fish species – различные виды рыб
entirely new species – совершенно новый вид
abundance of this species – численность этого вида
deep water species – глубоководный вид
  • раса
alien species – инопланетная раса
  • видовой
species composition – видовой состав

Примеры использования

Lewis and Clark discovered many new species of plants and animals while exploring the West.
The native species is being killed off by an invasive group of fish that were brought into the gulf.
Some animals will cannibalize on its on species when no other food source is available.
Not many species of parasites will cross over between dog and humans, but a few kinds can.
Nine species of plants have gone extinct in the rainforest this year, with many more groups being endangered.
It is to me more what you call a 'beast-garden,' to include all species of fauna.
Handel, in one species of composition, wrote down to the singers of his time.
Every species of mere bodily labor is the prerogative of these Irish.
In short, there were creatures in which were combined the limbs of every species of animals.
He could not but observe that Mrs. Wharton did not like him the less for this species of sacrifice.
It was Daisy's voice which awakened me from this species of trance.
For example, then, said the little woman, what species of gift did Monsieur desire?
The other species of mammalia are generally hotter than human beings.
Birthdays of this species have a public as well as a private phase.
It was a species of punctuation, and implied that Mr. Morgan had finished his remark.

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