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  1. существительное
    • разг. жидкая грязь; слякоть

    • разбавленный, слабый напиток, «водичка»

  2. глагол
    • хлюпать, шлёпать (по лужам, грязи)

    • амер. бродить без цели, болтаться

    • заляпывать (краской); залить (чем-л.)

      be careful, you're sloshing paste on your jersey — осторожно, ты капаешь пастой на фуфайку

      to slosh on plenty of bright colours — покрывать слоем краски ярких цветов

      she sloshed tea all over his new suit — она облила чаем его новый костюм

  • хлюпать
  • залить

Примеры использования

The distant slosh of the waves on the sandy beach was a relaxing sound as I attempted to take a nap.
I could hear the slosh of the water in the bucket as I carried it through the hallway, which was rather irritating.
Nothing is more annoying than the slosh of water in a container that is moving around a bunch.
When you step out of the bath tub after finishing, you will probably hear the slosh of the water waving back and forth.
The slosh of your feet through puddles can be a found sound, but you’ll probably get your socks wet if you aren’t wearing boots.
I hold on to it with both hands, so my beer will not slosh over the side.
So slosh, slosh, into the biggest brown puddle he could find he went.
Just where is Schloss (she pronounced it 'Slosh') what-you-may-call-it?
They were to be married as soon as Kerner could slosh paint profitably.
Turkey and Italy hardly done when all these Balkan chaps set to and slosh Turkey.
And when he'd move they'd squeak, and make eyes at him as they went up to the slosh.
I go after the boss, and old Brockmann hikes up to the slosh on the jump.
In New York the streets were afloat with liquid mud and slosh.
These layers of ice become numerous and are parallel to each other, like the layers of ice formed from slosh.
The scout's mare was fleet, but the road was rough, and a slosh of snow impeded the travel.

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