shrive Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • исповедовать, отпускать грехи

    • исповедоваться

    • налагать епитимью

  • исповедовать

Примеры использования

After months of feeling guilty about the lies she told, the woman decided to shrive at the local cathedral.
When he went to shrive for his penance, the priest told the man to say ten Hail Mary’s and be on his way.
The man did not feel he needed to shrive, but went to see the priest anyway because his wife insisted he seek forgiveness for his sins.
If the penitent believer is sincere about his wish to shrive, he must first confess his sins.
The repentant inmate wanted to shrive, but was not able to visit the chapel and speak to the priest about absolution.
Shrive me for obeying the Bishop, and bringing doom upon the heretics!
Did ever “Father Confessor” have so sweet and so wilful a sinner to shrive!
Yet if Father Bastian refused to shrive me, what should come of me?
Confess, dear sinner; I will shrive you and grant absolution for the past, whatever it may be.
Who will shrive these poor fellows, then, if you have turned your back upon them?
They went to shrive the dying, bury the dead, and console the bereaved.
This is naughty, I know, but as I have gone into the confessional, I will make a clean "shrive" of it.
The Prince goes to shrive himself, and right wisely he judges.
For they shrive them and housel them evermore once or twice in the week.
A priest, a priest, sayes Aldingàr, Me for to houzle and shrive.

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