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  1. прилагательное
    • сенсационный

      sensational news [rumours] — сенсационные новости [слухи]

      sensational film — сенсационный фильм

    • блестящий; поразительный, великолепный

      sensational victory [writer] — блестящая победа [-ий писатель]

      sensational play — пьеса, пользующаяся шумным успехом

    • чувственный, основанный на чувствах, ощущениях

    • филос. сенсуальный

      the sensational theory of knowledge — сенсуальная теория познания

  • сенсационный
sensational news – сенсационная новость
  • чувственный
  • великолепный
  • поразительный
  • нашумевший

Примеры использования

After working on the woman’s hair for over eight hours, her sensational hairstyle was admired and jealous by many women who saw it.
Due to the violinist’s extensive training and background in music, his sensational performance received a standing ovation by the audience.
With her sensational look and style, the young model wowed talent scouts and was hired for many modeling jobs.
Once the young girl’s teeth were fixed and whitened, her sensational smile would light up the room just by grinning.
Since everyone in the family was able to make it home for Christmas and they were able to get along with each other, the matriarch considered this a sensational holiday gathering.
But there is here a chance for the sensational novelist to hang a tale upon.
I was nervous, sensational, and theatrical without intending it.
Well, that's the problem of this sensational, big selling story.
It's your own imagination, Edna,—your sudden and sensational imagination.
Most of the novels and non-scholastic books were of a shoddy, sensational type.
Of this sensational turn of affairs the European public had no inkling.
She told him she had sold a sensational serial for a pound a thousand words.
He defends them from the sensational editor and the unpleasant advertiser.
For the romance of a little child is always incongruous and sensational.
In the evening paper there was quite a sensational account of it.


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