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  1. существительное
    • семинария, школа

      a seminary for young ladies — институт благородных девиц

    • духовная семинария (особ. римско-католическая)

    • рассадник (тж. перен.)

      a seminary of vice — рассадник зла

    • питомник

  • семинария
theological seminary – духовная семинария
  • бурса
  • школа
  • семинарский

Примеры использования

The seminary’s academic courses range between traditional theology classes and practical internships.
After several weeks at the seminary, the once sure student now doubted that priesthood was his calling.
Becoming a pastor required more than a love for the Lord, the preacher also needed a degree from the local seminary.
In the early 1930s, the seminary that trained priests separated from its parent college and became independent.
As a young and earnest seminary student, Martin Luther King Jr. cared not only about saving souls but also the nation.
He, who was sixteen, was to enter the seminary on the following Tuesday.
And it was with surprise that he now recalled those years of seminary life.
The Patriarch then sent him to a Seminary; he was to become a priest, my son.
It was indeed a "seminary of every vice and of every disease."
Probably the after-effects of the seminary still, dear lady.
He gave me his promise, but he did not keep it when I left the seminary.
His father opposed him heathenishly and would not pay for his seminary course.
There was a new proclamation against Jesuits and “seminary priests.”
And some young ladies and the dear old professor of a very "select" seminary.
The room was nearly empty, and the party from the Seminary were waiting for Lina.


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