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  1. существительное
    • секретарь; секретарша

      private secretary — личный секретарь

      to act as secretary to smb. — работать у кого-л. секретарём

    • уст. письмоводитель; делопроизводитель

    • секретарь, руководитель организации, учреждения и т. п.

      party secretary — секретарь партийной организации

      secretary general — генеральный секретарь (международной организации)

      general secretary — генеральный секретарь (партии; см. тж. Secretary-General)

      Secretary of the Linguistic Society of America — секретарь общества лингвистов Америки

    • дип. секретарь (посольства, миссии)

      first secretary — первый секретарь посольства

    • министр

      Foreign Secretary, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs — министр иностранных дел и по делам Содружества (Великобритании)

      Secretary of State for the Home Department — министр внутренних дел (Великобритании)

      Secretary of State — а) министр, возглавляющий одно из министерств (Великобритании); б) государственный секретарь, министр иностранных дел (США); в) кардинал, занимающий пост первого министра и министра иностранных дел (в Ватикане)

      Secretary for External Affairs — постоянный заместитель министра иностранных дел (Австралии)

      Secretary of the Treasury — министр финансов (США)

      parliamentary secretary — парламентский секретарь (член правительства); заместитель министра по связи с парламентом

    • полигр. курсив (напоминающий рукописный шрифт; тж. secretary hand, secretary type)

    • уст. наперсник

  • секретарша
club secretary – секретарша клуба
  • секретариат
  • министр иностранных дел
  • секретарь
  • министр

Примеры использования

Trying to impress the new secretary caused the office manager to spill coffee all over himself during the briefing.
With no secretary to organize his paperwork, the attorney’s office soon overflowed with files.
The doctor’s secretary had a knack for efficiently organizing every patient record at the speed of lightening.
Hiring his wife as a secretary seemed like a mistake since she wanted to shop online all day instead of answering the telephone and filing paperwork.
Prematurely firing the office secretary proved a grave mistake, because she was the only one who knew where all of the classified files were!
"Been and gone," was the secretary's answer, with the terseness characteristic of her.
He paused, evidently expectant of laudatory corroboration from the secretary.
The secretary's voice was mechanical, without any trace of feeling.
When Smithson had left the office, Gilder turned to his secretary.
But the effort on the secretary's part was wholly without success.
As they moved toward the Secretary's office, Porter was accosted by his trainer.
He told me he had never had a secretary so useful as I was, and that he wished I'd never met you!
The First Secretary observed this play of physiognomy steadily.
He called for his secretary, Mr. Campbell, to write the despatches.
I've had my secretary cut 'em out—and the Fenton stuff, too.


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