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  1. прилагательное
    • великолепный, первоклассный

    • стильный, красивый

      scrumptious girl! — сногсшибательная красотка!

    • редк. привередливый, разборчивый

  • восхитительный

Примеры использования

Placing her nose up to the apple pie, the pastry chef got a whiff of the scrumptious smelling tart.
The picky eater was surprised at how tastily scrumptious the delectable danish was.
Even though I love my mother’s scrumptious macaroni and cheese, my low-carb diet makes it off limits.
James finds octopus a scrumptious delicacy, while his wife thinks eating the eight-legged creature is disgusting.
The scrumptious tasting cupcake won the baker extra points in the cooking competition.
I will just tie back your gorgeous, scrumptious hair with this ribbon, now.
Oh, if I could only get a deer this day,” thought he, “how scrumptious it would be!
That was the most scrumptious lunch Ive had in a month of Sundays.
Oh, they're scrumptious people, and I expect they will stay all summer.
Oh, Miss Allen, that cider of your'n must be scrumptious stuff.
Then they had a most scrumptious meal, by Bettys report at home.
If it do prove to be scrumptious they will be so much er it.
"Billy writes your lunches are 'scrumptious,'" ran her mother's letter.
Some of the females are quite petite and, as the Americans have it,'scrumptious.'
Probably the lumber-yard isn't as scrumptious as all these Greek temples.


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