ruler Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • правитель

    • линейка

  • правитель
former ruler – бывший правитель
rulers of these lands – правители этих земель
absolute ruler – абсолютный правитель
powerful rulers – могущественные властители
great ruler – великий государь
  • линейка
wooden ruler – деревянная линейка
  • властелин
evil ruler – злой властелин
  • начальник
spiritual ruler – духовный вождь
authoritarian ruler – авторитарный руководитель
  • управитель

Примеры использования

It does not matter whether we recognize a king or an emperor or a president as our ruler.
Angelo, the would-be Puritan ruler, was a "false seemer," Malvolio was a "chough."
Obedience has regard to the will of a ruler, not to necessity and truth.
Dir would have repudiated its ruler and joined the combination.
She took the crown from her head with her own hands, and ceased to be the ruler of Sweden.
Roland made his appearance, a pen behind his ear, and a ruler in his hand.
And in addition I would receive five strokes with a ruler on my fingers.
The first was called the Yellow Ancient, and he was the ruler of the earth.
The second was called the Red Lord, and he was the ruler of the fire.
The third was called the Dark Lord, and he was the ruler of the water.


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