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  1. прилагательное
    • грубый, невежливый; оскорбительный

      rude reply — грубый ответ

      rude remarks — грубые замечания

      to be rude to smb. — грубить кому-л., оскорблять кого-л.

    • невоспитанный; неучтивый

      it was very rude of you to have kept me waiting — с вашей стороны было очень невежливо заставлять меня ждать

      would it be rude to ask when they are likely to leave? — не будет ли бестактностью спросить их, когда они собираются уезжать?

    • примитивный, некультурный

      our rude forefathers — наши первобытные предки

      peoples still in a rude state of civilization — народы, находящиеся ещё на низкой ступени цивилизации

    • необработанный, неотделанный; сырой

      cotton in its rude state — хлопок в необработанном виде

    • грубо сделанный, топорный

      rude implements — грубо сделанные орудия

    • неотшлифованный, неотделанный

      rude language [style] — грубая /корявая/ речь [-ый слог]

      rude drawings — незаконченные /неотделанные/ рисунки

    • дикий, необработанный

      rude rocks — дикие скалы

    • бурный (о море)

    • сильный (о ветре)

    • резкий, неприятный (о звуке)

    • внезапный

      rude shock — внезапный удар

      rude reminder — неожиданное напоминание

    • крепкий (о здоровье)

      in rude health — крепкий, здоровый

      rude awakening — глубокое разочарование; утрата иллюзий

  • грубый
rude word – грубое слово
  • невежливый
  • неприличный
rude noise – неприличный звук
  • примитивный
  • резкий
  • сырой
  • невежественный

Примеры использования

Since the child was spoiled throughout his life, his way of speaking to others always included his rude manners.
Teenagers go through a phase in their life where their rude words seem to get them in trouble.
After waiting in line for twenty minutes to buy a sweater, the customer shot a rude look at the cashier.
An apology was required from the child after his rude comments to his friends was overheard by his mother.
When the heiress spoke down to her hired help, no one really wanted to work for her due to her rude way of treating people.
The works of Dædalus are described by Pausanias as rude and uncomely in aspect.
He was not rude in words, but oh, so different from the oily people who sold me the things.
Cheppi never was so rude to me again after you frightened him that day.
He was rude to you, too; he never even noticed that you were in the room, after I came.
The village was picturesque, in the variety of its edifices, though all were rude.
But this stranger who had roughly shoved against him, had not paused in his rude progress.
The husband burst out with a rude and somewhat hollow laugh.
There was a sound of rude voices, and a clashing of swords and staves.
I asked, puzzled alike at his rude behavior and at his words.
That was the only rude speech Mr. Morton had ever made to his better half.


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