rove Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • скитаться, бродить без цели

      to rove the streets — бродить по улицам

      to rove in every land — побывать везде, скитаться по белу свету

      he saw the searchlights roving the sky — он видел, как прожекторы прорезали небо

    • блуждать (о глазах, мыслях)

      his eyes roved over the pictures — его взор скользил по картинам

      his mind roved back to his youth — он мысленно перенёсся в свою молодость

    • ловить рыбу на живую приманку, на живца

    • пропускать через блок (трос и т. п.)

    • спец. пропускать через ушко

    • past и p. p. от reeve

  2. существительное
    • (бесцельная) прогулка, скитания

      to be on the rove — бродить, скитаться

    • с.-х. мелкая пахота, лёгкое рыхление

    • тех. шайба

    • текст. ровница

  • бродить
  • путешествовать
  • Роув
  • ровница

Примеры использования

Thus all concentrates: let us not rove; let us sit at home with the cause.
As I was about to speak, however, he said suddenly: "Let's rove, man."
They do not by any means destroy the land over which they rove.
But he didn't leave it until he had rove the new rope, and he got back all right.
Never once did he allow his eyes to rove over to the table opposite.
Ropes were rove through the main, fore, and mizzen-yard-arms.
He will rove unless you tie him to a post, and he will whistle then.
At the mouth are two beckets or iron rings, through which the strop is rove.
You seem to care for so little, and yet you rove about a distinct race.
A thousand pieces of running-gear were to be rove and manned.

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