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  1. существительное
    • маршрут

      bus route — маршрут автобуса

    • путь, курс, трасса

      the shortest [a devious] route — кратчайший [окольный] путь

      the great trade routes — великие торговые пути

      two-way route — трасса в двух направлениях (велоспорт)

      air routes — воздушные трассы /линии/

      route award — разрешение на открытие авиалиний

      en route[ɒŋʹru:t] — по пути, по дороге, в пути

      a stopover in Smolensk en route to Moscow — остановка в Смоленске по пути в Москву

    • средство, путь

      a route to peace — путь к миру, средство для достижения мира

    • приказ на марш

      to get [to give] the route — получить [отдать] приказ на марш

    • поход

      route step — походный шаг (не в ногу)

      route column — походная колонна

      route formation /order/ — походный порядок

      route map — маршрутная карта

      route march — походное движение, (походный) марш

    • район доставки, разноски и т. п.

      a newspaper route — район доставки газет

    • св., вчт. маршрут (передачи сообщения)

      all-red route — воздушная линия, соединяющая Великобританию с её владениями

      route sheet — маршрутная карта технологического процесса

  2. глагол
    • отправлять по определённому маршруту

      we were routed to France by way of Dover — нас отправили во Францию через Дувр

    • устанавливать маршрут

    • амер. сортировать почту к отправке

      letters routed via Singapore — письма, направляемые через Сингапур

  • маршрут
alternative route – альтернативный маршрут
automatic route selection – автоматический выбор маршрута
popular tourist route – популярный туристический маршрут
public transport routes – маршруты общественного транспорта
new bus route – новый автобусный маршрут
national cycle route – национальный велосипедный маршрут
pipeline route – трасса трубопровода
important trade route – важный торговый путь
ancient caravan route – древний караванный путь
time en route – время в пути
scenic route – живописная дорога
  • направление
main route – основное направление
  • путь следования
  • курс
  • маршрутизация
routing protocol – протокол маршрутизации
  • рейс
international route – международный рейс
  • направлять
  • маршрутизировать
  • маршрутный
route map – маршрутная карта

Примеры использования

After digging a 300-foot long trench, the water would travel down this route from the place where I first started digging and dumping it into the river.
The only route Bill could take while traveling to see his mother was down Highway 94 since the main road was closed.
My GPS system showed me the route to take from my house in Pittsburgh to my new job in Scranton.
Many explorers were trying to find another route to Asia for tea since traveling by land had become very dangerous.
None of the hikers wanted to follow the same route up Mount Everest as their predecessors since the former hikers died while making their way up the mountain.
Along the route as, well as at the station, the party was cheered by a large crowd.
Vast crowds lined the route, afoot and in every kind of vehicle.
The view from the summit, made up for the deviation from my route.
Our route brought us along by the waterside, and we travelled hard all that night.
The route she was to follow was marked by a line of buoys and flags.
Their route now lay along the bottom which has already been mentioned.
Their route lay, for the distance of a mile, along the bed of the water-course.
Even the route they were to take was planned, so that I could not miss them if I started.
I thought you knew that; I thought that was why you called me in with my route half-covered.
For more than a week the trains from the east and the north could not run over this route.


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