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  1. прилагательное
    • розовый

      rosy light [wine, sky] — розовый свет [-ое вино, небо]

    • румяный; цветущий

      rosy cheeks — румяные щёки

      rosy lad — здоровый /цветущий/ парень

    • украшенный, усыпанный розами

    • ясный, светлый, радостный, радужный

      rosy disposition — весёлый нрав

      rosy prospects /outlook/ — радужные перспективы

    • редк. ароматный как роза

  • розовый
rosy starling – розовый скворец
rosy picture – радужная картина
  • румяный
rosy cheeks – румяные щечки
  • цветущий

Примеры использования

A foolish girl may be fair and rosy, yet far from beautiful.
"Do not ask me," replied Hope, putting her finger on her rosy mouth.
Her sweet eyes closed, and no colour in her cheeks, that had been so rosy!
She was rosy and placid as the apple she was generally eating when not in class.
He said that Rosy lived across the hall, and that she had eyes like mine!
Her cheery partner was paddling his rosy brows with a fine handkerchief.
Her face would have been quite pale, but for the rosy tinge of surprise.
Her face glowed with rosy color, yet her forehead was wrinkled with care.
The place was flooded with clear light that had a rosy tinge.
Her face is rosy and wrinkled, and when she laughs it becomes a mass of merry furrows.


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