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  1. прилагательное
    • рискованный, опасный

      risky job — рискованная [опасная] работа

  • рискованный
risky step – рискованный шаг
risky behavior – опасное поведение
risky assets – рисковые активы

Примеры использования

It is risky to go sky diving or bungee jumping because the possibility of death still exists if there were to be a malfunction with your equipment.
Driving on the road is technically very risky, since the potential for a crash is rather high considering how many drivers there are.
It is risky to procrastinate on doing your homework, because if you forget you will have no time to finish it before it is due.
I find it overly risky to play the lottery because the chances of winning are miniscule compared to how much I am paying.
It is risky to not fence in your yard if you have a pet that goes outside, as it could run away or get lost while chasing another animal.
Lieut. Rodgers was convinced that this method was too risky and that some other must be devised.
That, if you will excuse my saying so, seems to me rather too risky a venture.
"Too risky to scale that," Frank mused, as he noted the sharp-pointed palings.
"That was a risky thing you did just then," he whispered to Betty.
It pleased her much to anticipate an end to a risky situation.
The attack was risky, a sort of forlorn hope—but he would take the risk.
And then I had a plan—a risky chance, but a chance, just the same.
Mining in these parts isn't the risky kind of business it used to be.
But it will be seen that it is a risky thing to reckon without one's host.
That will be a risky thing, if you like, under the circumstances.


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