revise Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • проверять, исправлять

      to revise a document — проверить /внести исправления в/ документ

      the text is revised as appropriate — дип. в текст внесены соответствующие изменения

    • просматривать

      she's revising her notes for the exams — к экзамену она просматривает свои записи

    • обрабатывать, перерабатывать

      to revise a book — вносить правки / корректуру в книгу

    • пересматривать, изменять

      to revise one's views — пересмотреть свои взгляды

      to revise one's opinion of smb. — изменить своё мнение о ком-л.

    • ревизовать (учение)

  2. существительное
    • проверка, просмотр, сверка

    • редк. просмотренный или выверенный текст

    • полигр. сверка, ревизионная корректура

  • пересматривать
revised text – пересмотренный текст
  • изменять
  • исправлять
  • проверять
  • перерабатывать
revised version – переработанный вариант
  • повторять
  • сверка
  • пересмотр
revised standards – пересмотр стандартов

Примеры использования

Encouraging each student to revise his or her essay, the writing coach met with some of the writers individually.
Even if he did not revise his plan completely, the architect knew from that the discovery of termites meant some serious changes would need to take place.
Threatening to revise the treaty, pressure from the other side did not discourage the President from promoting necessary changes.
Not having time to revise her work, the sophomore submitted the rough draft in an email and hoped for the best.
First in line, the eager customer wanted to see if the café shop had made good on their promise to revise the menu.
In the face of this statement Mr. Hadley would do well to revise his figures.
You look in upon me in the evening, and we'll revise it together.
We revise this latter part, and we say "for they shall be gods."
He suggested that perhaps I might revise the parts in the light of the whole.
Paul began to revise his opinion as to the probable character of his associates.
He would have to revise his notes of the man, that was plain.
The other two papers I got to-day are given to revise, and are to be printed soon.
Here was expert opinion after a second revise, with help of water-marks!
But when the second growth begun to show up red she had to revise her forecast.
We are now required by candor and justice to revise such notions.


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