revenue Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • доход

      revenue account — счет доходов/поступлений

    • государственные доходы (тж. public revenues)

      revenue stamp — гербовая марка

      revenue tariff — фискальный тариф

    • источник дохода

    • pl. доходные статьи

      the revenues of the city council — доходные статьи городского совета

    • департамент налогов и сборов; финансовое управление

    • в грам. знач. прил. таможенный

      revenue officer — брит. таможенный инспектор

      revenue vessel /cutter, boat/ — таможенное судно

  • доход
state revenue – государственный доход
internal revenue code – кодекс внутренних доходов
total annual revenue – совокупный годовой доход
growth rate of revenue – темп роста доходов
generate additional revenue – получить дополнительный доход
revenues from oil exports – доходы от экспорта нефти
source of government revenue – источник дохода государства
average revenue per user – средний доход на абонента
overall revenue – общая выручка
  • доходный
revenue base – доходная база
  • таможенный

Примеры использования

The total revenue of the Jackson Rose Company exceeded one million dollars this year, but the company would need to pay their expenses.
Sylvia’s revenue for her lemonade stand was exactly $43 which seemed to be a great amount since she only charged fifty cents per cup.
Revenue sales for the car lot were down this month so the boss required his sales staff to work overtime.
In order to be included on the Fortune 500 Companies list, the company’s revenue is taken into consideration.
Once video games could be played on cell phones, the revenue of the video game industry increased dramatically.
There is nothing to do but go over the revenue from the estate.
We saw the revenue button on his coat, so we brought him down.
We say, therefore, that governments must limit their expenditure to their revenue.
It was now Israel himself who suggested dubious means of revenue.
It was my only revenue, however, and I continued to live upon it somehow.
Revenue officers were to come to-morrow to search his house.
When every penny was gone he pledged his revenue in advance.
With regard to the other sources of revenue which I contemplate, I admit, it is different.
Any municipality with a revenue of £25,000 or above, is styled a "city."
The revenue of the country is, indeed, increasing, though slowly.


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