reshape Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • придавать новый вид или иную форму

    • тех. восстанавливать первоначальную форму

    • приобретать новый вид или иную форму, меняться (тж. to reshape oneself)

  • изменять
reshape the world – изменить мир
  • переформовать
  • перекроить
  • перестроить
  • преобразовать
  • меняться

Примеры использования

Of course you will; but you must reshape them so as to take me with you.
Not even Xaltotun can reshape the dust of three thousand years.'
And, after all, were we not still in time to reshape our lives?
How many reformers there are who are trying to reshape the world to fit their own weakness.
I will help to reshape and modify her ideals of enjoyment to some degree.
Instead of embodying its ideals in persons, the moral seeks to reshape them continually.
I hope to reshape it and to reorganize it to meet more effectively the tasks of the 20th century.
We may wander over his lawns, and reshape to ourselves his reveries.
It was one of many influences working to reshape American administrative practice.
France was already in travail with the tremendous spiritual revolution which was soon to reshape the world.


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