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  1. глагол
    • ставить или класть обратно, на место

      to replace the receiver — положить телефонную трубку

      the stolen pictures were replaced in the museum — украденные картины опять висят на своих местах в музее

    • возвращать

      to replace the borrowed money — вернуть деньги, взятые взаймы

    • пополнять; восстанавливать

    • заменять

      to replace a tyre — заменить шину

      buses are replacing the trams — автобусы вытесняют трамваи

      to replace a worn carpet — сменить вытершийся ковёр

    • (by, with) замещать, заменять; сменить (на что-л.)

      to replace coal by /with/ oil fuel — заменить уголь жидким топливом

      on the finance committee Smith was replaced by Brown — в финансовый комитет вместо Смита был назначен Браун

  • заменять
replace the words – заменять слова
replace the name – сменить название
replace the battery – заменить аккумулятор
  • вытеснять
  • восстановить
  • подменить

Примеры использования

Since my house was built in the 1920s, I needed to replace the windows so that they would not leak air.
It was impossible to replace my dog since Sparky was such an affectionate and obedient member of our family.
The Department of Motor Vehicles will replace your driver’s license with a new one if you lose it.
After the rock shattered my windshield, I took it to my auto body shop in order to replace it with a new windshield.
When my remote control stopped working, I realized that I needed to replace the batteries.
When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it.
I must not pretend, then, that I have a system ready to replace all the other systems.
Updated editions will replace the previous one--the old editions will be renamed.
She tried to replace the package of letters exactly as she had found them.
When they are quite dry, take them out, and replace them with others.
I ordered the Ossetes to put my portmanteau into the cart, and to replace the oxen by horses.
With obvious disgust he signed again to the trooper to replace the cover.
Not that you can replace Hilary, but you need solitude to quell your pride.
And the sooner I set about making some more to replace it the better, but I must have help.
The more people one knows the easier it becomes to replace them.


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