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  1. глагол
    • обновлять; восстанавливать, реставрировать

      to renew one's youth — вернуть себе молодость

      a snake renews its skin — змея меняет кожу

      we renew our strength in sleep — сон восстанавливает силы, во сне мы восстанавливаем силы

    • пополнять (запасы и т. п.)

      we must renew our supplies of coal — мы должны пополнить (свои) запасы угля

      to renew one's wardrobe — обновить свой гардероб

    • возобновлять

      to renew one's subscription — возобновить подписку

      to renew an attack — возобновить /вновь предпринять/ наступление

      to renew one's acquaintance [one's friendship] with smb. — возобновить знакомство [дружбу] с кем-л.

    • повторять

      to renew vows — повторять обеты

      to renew a promise — повторить обещание

      to renew the subject — вернуться к теме

      to renew objections — повторить /вновь выдвинуть/ свои возражения

    • возрождать, вызывать вновь

    • продлить (срок действия); пролонгировать

      to renew the lease — продлить срок (действия) аренды

      to renew a library book — отсрочить возврат библиотечной книги

  • обновлять
renew life – обновить жизнь
  • возобновлять
renew negotiations – возобновить переговоры
renewed interest – возобновившийся интерес
  • восстанавливать
renew ties – восстановить связь
  • повторять
  • возрождать
  • продлить
renew the contract – продлевать контракт
  • пополнить

Примеры использования

Earlier in the month, the decision was made not to renew the plumber’s contract and to go with a new handyman.
The Netflix series will renew for another season starting January 2018.
Although the bank allowed the debtor to renew the loan, the restart fees were extremely expensive.
A devastating loss was enough to renew the football teams’ longstanding rivalry.
Several medical mishaps changed the board’s decision to renew the doctor’s medical license.
Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength.
Above all else, the time has come for us to renew our faith in ourselves and in America.
Will the world ever be so decayed that spring may not renew its greenness?
To renew America we must meet challenges abroad, as well as at home.
The saints are always victorious, and yet they are constantly obliged to renew the battle.
I am sure of Sir James at any time, and could make him renew his application by a line.
Lying on my back and gazing up, I felt reluctant to rise and renew my ramble.
It remains only to renew the declaration, that every part of this narrative is supposed to be true.
He was even more eager to renew the work, since he had come so near to success.
Duncan noted the object, and prepared himself to renew the trial.


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