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  1. существительное
    • лекарство; лечебное средство

      household remedy — домашнее средство

      remedy against poison — противоядие

      a good remedy for a cold — хорошее средство от простуды

    • средство, мера (против чего-л.)

      your only remedy is to go to law — единственный выход для вас

      remedy for pollution — средство борьбы с загрязнением (окружающей среды)

      it is beyond /past/ remedy — тут уж ничем не поможешь, этого уже не исправишь

    • юр. средство судебной защиты, средство защиты права (тж. legal remedy)

  2. глагол
    • вылечивать

    • исправлять

      to remedy an evil — исправить зло

      that cannot be remedied — этого уже не исправишь

  • средство
effective remedy – эффективное средство
folk remedies – народные средства
  • лекарство
homeopathic remedy – гомеопатическое лекарство
herbal remedies – травяные препараты
  • мера
  • лечение
  • лечебное средство
  • правовая защита
  • защита
judicial remedy – судебная защита
  • средства защиты
  • средство судебной защиты
  • исправлять
remedy the evil – исправить зло
  • вылечивать

Примеры использования

Since I was camping in the woods, I found a remedy for my stomachache by eating part of a ginger plant on the side of the trail.
Instead of taking regular medication, my neighbor recommended using an herbal remedy that I can make using common ingredients found in my house.
The easiest remedy to soothe my sunburn was to rub aloe on it because that would most likely lessen the pain.
Samantha was appreciative for using the remedy yesterday because her achy muscles were fine today.
The remedy, however, to my mind, is obvious and suggests itself.
It is the crisis which makes the pressure, and not the laws which provide a remedy for it.
To consider these evils, to find their remedy, is the most sore necessity of our times.
It was as if she found in sheer activity and fatigue a remedy for her uneasiness.
You laugh at my prescriptions, and refuse to take the remedy which I ordered.
There is no other remedy than this which I have brought thee.
And are not my sister's tears a reason, sir, when I cannot remedy their cause?
And, further, when I had a chance to learn my remedy for myself, you destroyed it.
If you had not the remedy--this what-you-call--pilocarpin, what would you do?
The loss of poor Bill made us all sad; but there was no remedy.


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