rejuvenate Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • омолаживать, производить омоложение; восстанавливать силы и т. п.

      that vacation has rejuvenated him — после отпуска он помолодел

    • молодеть; оживляться

    • восстанавливать, реставрировать

      to rejuvenate old cars — реставрировать старинные автомобили

  • омолаживать
rejuvenating effect – омолаживающий эффект
  • восстанавливать
  • обновить

Примеры использования

The football players consume sports drinks to rejuvenate themselves during the game.
When I am exhausted after work, I count on a hot shower to rejuvenate me.
The government issued stimulus checks in an attempt to rejuvenate the depressed economy.
Because Hannah needed a quiet space to rejuvenate after having a baby, she went to a spa for a week.
The former teen heartthrob is currently appearing on a reality program in order to rejuvenate his career.
But a young wife will rejuvenate him and keep him young, won't she?
"It certainly would not rejuvenate her," said Henri, finishing the sentence.
And maybe we could get Jeery Wade and his wife to rejuvenate and go with us.
"They want to rejuvenate me," said McIlvaine, with a certain shy pleasure.
They just live so long, and then they rejuvenate, they begin all over.
Could they restore a darkened eye, or rejuvenate weakened limbs?
A gradual thawing out may rejuvenate them, while a sudden thawing is dangerous.
To-day I am willing to rejuvenate myself sufficiently to become your sister.
The great problem of any civilization is how to rejuvenate itself without rebarbarization.
If any of the freshness of youth yet lingers in us, let us learn from them, and seek to rejuvenate ourselves.


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