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  1. глагол
    • реабилитировать, восстанавливать в правах

    • реабилитировать, восстанавливать доброе имя

      he has been rehabilitated in public esteem — он вернул себе уважение общества

    • восстанавливать; ремонтировать; реконструировать

      to rehabilitate slum areas — перестраивать трущобы

    • восстанавливать трудоспособность; реабилитировать

    • амер. исправлять, перевоспитывать (преступника)

  • реабилитировать
  • восстанавливать
  • перевоспитать
  • восстановиться
  • оздоровить

Примеры использования

The image consultant believes she can rehabilitate the reputation of the disgraced politician.
After my surgery, I will attend physical therapy sessions to rehabilitate the muscles in my knee.
Because of the oil spill, it will take a lot of work to rehabilitate the marine ecosystem to its natural state.
Since Marvin had a stroke, he has been working to rehabilitate his vocal skills so he can speak clearly again.
One of the program’s goals is to rehabilitate disabled persons so they can obtain employment.
They advised him to inform the Entente, in order to rehabilitate himself.
What I'm thinking about is how they're going to rehabilitate it.
This lady was untiring in her efforts to reclaim and rehabilitate the fallen of her sex.
My only chance to rehabilitate myself is to get the third set of plans to Berlin.
And she had hoped somehow to rehabilitate herself in the eyes of the world.
He fled to Brussels, there to rehabilitate his dwindling fortunes.
The same is to be said of an ingenious attempt to rehabilitate Robespierre .
There Almo will find occupation and may rehabilitate himself.
All convicted persons are obliged to perform useful work, and an effort must be made to educate and rehabilitate the inmates.
According to the regulations, the primary responsibilities of prison administrators are to rehabilitate and to reeducate inmates.


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