regulatory Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • биол. регулятивный, регулирующий

    • властный, управляющий

    • распорядительный; инструктивный

    • регуляторный

  • регулирующий
  • нормативный
meet regulatory requirements – соответствовать нормативным требованиям
lack of regulatory framework – отсутствие нормативной базы
regulatory functions – распорядительные функции
  • регуляторный
regulatory mechanism – регуляторный механизм
independent regulatory body – независимый регулятивный орган
  • регламентационный
  • регламентный

Примеры использования

Many citizens believe the regulatory laws of the country need changing
Prescription drugs can be dangerous without regulatory control.
The FDA is a regulatory agency that controls food and drugs in the United States.
Too many regulatory controls caused the workers at the factory to be unhappy.
Without regulatory measures to keep things on track, the project was a failure.
The need for additional resource/use plans and regulatory programs is recognized by the National Park Service.
Its regulatory powers should be amended to include regulation of coastwise shipping so as to assure stability and better service.
Regulatory and research work have been segregated in order that each field may be served more effectively.
At this stage, the medium and the resources attached to it are very cheap, accessible, under no regulatory constraints.
This year, we must begin the effort to reform our regulatory processes for the railroad, bus, and the trucking industries.
During the past four years we have made tremendous progress in regulatory reform.
In addition, the regulatory commissions must maintain their commitment to competition as the best regulator of all.
We have acted to encourage public participation in regulatory decision-making.
These steps have already saved billions of dollars in regulatory costs and slashed thousands of outmoded regulations.
We are moving steadily toward a regulatory system that provides needed protections fairly, predictably, and at minimum cost.

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