refreshing Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. прилагательное
    • освежающий; живительный

      refreshing sleep — освежающий сон

      refreshing breeze — бодрящий /свежий/ ветер

    • разг. забавный; занятный

      refreshing innocence — забавная /милая/ наивность

      it was quite refreshing to hear him — занятно было его слушать

  • живительный
refreshing drink – прохладительный напиток
  • свежий
refreshing air – свежий воздух
  • освежение
  • освежающий

Примеры использования

It is sweet and refreshing to pursue our old subjects of discourse.
There was a refreshing novelty in this case, where one of themselves was the culprit.
The Road-Runner ducked once or twice by way of refreshing his memory.
The butter, cool from the rock cellar, was of a refreshing yellow hue.
"You do not know how refreshing it is, child," as she handed back the empty glass.
It was as if a refreshing breath of nature had passed before his face.
Thank you the more for this rest, and this refreshing drink!'
When good and in season, they have a fine silvery hue, are very firm, and have a refreshing smell like cucumbers newly cut.
His head was less confused, and his sleep seemed to be refreshing.
Even the once refreshing springs of the folk-sings had dried up.


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