reform Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. существительное
    • реформа, преобразование

      sweeping reforms — коренные преобразования

    • исправление, улучшение

      the reform of the Calendar — исправление календаря

  2. глагол
    • улучшать, преобразовывать; реформировать

      to reform administration — улучшить /реорганизовать/ управление

    • исправлять, перевоспитывать

      to reform juvenile offenders — перевоспитывать малолетних правонарушителей

    • исправляться

      with years be grew wise and reformed — с годами он поумнел и изменился к лучшему

    • редк. искоренять (ошибки)

  • реформа
structural reform – структурная реформа
radical economic reform – радикальная экономическая реформа
civil service reform – реформа государственной службы
local government reform – реформа местного самоуправления
free market reforms – рыночные реформы
committee on constitutional reform – комитет по конституционной реформе
law on agrarian reform – закон об аграрной реформе
health care reform legislation – реформа здравоохранения
political reform – политическая реформа
army reform – реформирование армии
  • преобразование
revolutionary reform – революционное преобразование
  • перестройка
  • исправление
  • улучшение
  • реформировать
reform the economy – реформировать экономику
  • преобразовывать
  • исправлять
  • улучшать

Примеры использования

The school board was voting on reform that would change the grading system in the district.
In order to reform his negative behaviors, his parents placed him in a boarding school.
The people wanted to enact reform on how the politicians received their campaign money.
The loan application process was lengthy and in need of reform.
Because she wanted reform in her underprivileged town, the woman ran for mayor.
This was in part owing to the readjustment of seats according to the Reform Bill.
With the year 1869 Mr. Gladstone entered upon a great period of Reform.
He told her that certain responsibilities were hers, but that she could not reform the world.
Many were the efforts to reform the abuses which crept into the monastic houses.
The book was timely and told efficiently on the reform in this country.
Now a mint was set up in Eden Vale, and the coinage underwent a reform.
If every one would see To his own reformation, How very easily You might reform a nation.
A reform with regard to umbrellas has lately been attempted.
All the facts seem to me to point in another direction for reform.
If we have evolved the wrong women and men, then any reform of marriage is vain.


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