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  1. глагол
    • исправлять, поправлять; выправлять; уточнять, улучшать

      to rectify an error [an omission] — исправить ошибку [упущение]

      to rectify smb. — исправить /перевоспитать/ кого-л.

      to rectify a frontier /a boundary line/ — исправить или уточнить границу /пограничную линию/

    • наладить, настроить (инструмент, аппарат)

      to rectify a chronometer — выверять хронометр

    • хим. очищать, ректифицировать

    • эл. выпрямлять (ток)

    • радио детектировать

    • мат. спрямлять

  • исправлять
rectify mistakes – исправлять ошибки
rectified voltage – выпрямленное напряжение
rectify the situation – выправить ситуацию
  • ректифицировать
  • исправить
rectify the error – исправить ошибки
rectify the problem – устранить проблему
  • очищать

Примеры использования

The puzzled doctor could not identify the proper medicine to rectify his patient’s medical condition.
When Jack was wrongly imprisoned for ten years, the state gave him five million dollars to rectify its mistake.
The best way to rectify the children’s poor test grades is to reteach the lesson and give a second test.
Without additional funds from the government, the principal cannot rectify the issue of overcrowding in his school.
The president hopes his healthcare plan will rectify the problems that prevent the poor from having medical insurance.
After the governor visited the state prison, the warden took steps to rectify the issues that had disturbed his superior.
The software engineers worked quickly to rectify the bug that was deleting user accounts.
If we can rectify the plumbing problem, we should be able to open the restaurant on schedule.
When Jim complained about an unusual bank fee, the customer service representative promised to rectify the matter immediately.
Before we place the product on the market, we must rectify a major safety issue.
My conduct must then have a faulty appearance at least, and I will endeavour to rectify it.
Mistakes are hard to rectify after a fatal volley has been fired.
He discovered the mistake when it was too late to rectify it.
However, he saw his mistake in an instant and tried to rectify it.
Is there a confusion in the figure, he advances to rectify it with a chass rigadoon.
Then we must go to him with our titles, and he must rectify it to-morrow.
I'd have liked to get at the chimneys, but I'd have had to pull down every cottage in the place to rectify them.
If so, rectify the error by straightening it and then put it in place.
Annie blushed as she perceived his mistake, and hastened to rectify it.
To forbid, to prevent, to rectify any interplanetary or interstellar aggression.


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