reconstruct Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • перестраивать, реконструировать

    • восстанавливать, воссоздавать

      to reconstruct a ruined abbey — восстановить разрушенное аббатство

      to reconstruct a mammoth from a few bones — восстановить скелет мамонта по нескольким костям

      to reconstruct the facts — восстановить (в памяти) факты

      to reconstruct a crime — воссоздать /воспроизвести/ картину преступления

    • перестраивать, реорганизовывать (систему правления в южных штатах после гражданской войны)

    • перевоспитывать (южан)

    • опт. восстанавливать (изображение)

  • реконструировать
reconstruct the building – реконструировать здание
  • восстанавливать
reconstructed image – восстановленное изображение
  • воссоздавать

Примеры использования

Piecing together the night’s events, the detectives tried to reconstruct what really happened.
After buying the farm, the husband and wife duo decided to reconstruct the old barn that once stood out back.
It will take many years to reconstruct the areas hit hardest by the hurricane.
Contractors estimate the cost to reconstruct the rundown mansion is upwards of a million dollars.
Even with the image being partially destroyed, the computer program was able to reconstruct the picture.
If there was no mistake, I should have to reconstruct my facts, and draw fresh conclusions.
But he does not seek to reconstruct out of them a theory of knowledge.
Their aim is to reconstruct the work of the great lawgivers of Hellas in a literary form.
He could reconstruct her new dress by memory—her face was easy to remember.
He would have to reconstruct that drama from the fragments preserved.
Certainly, too, the scene is easy enough to reconstruct But whose was the hand?
Our duty now is to reconstruct, if we can, the fabric of the Union.
It is easy to reconstruct the scene of building up the first terrace.
Reconstruct for yourself the three scenes of which the peasant woman is the centre.
A patient study of this figure has enabled me to reconstruct its story.


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