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  1. существительное
    • придание новой, исправленной формы; переделка, переработка

    • исправленное, переделанное изделие; переработка, переработанный вариант и т. п.

    • тех. переливание

    • театр. новое распределение ролей; новый состав исполнителей

  2. глагол
    • переделывать, перерабатывать; придавать новую форму; перестраивать (предложение, план)

      to recast a book — переработать книгу

      he recast his political image to fit the times — он видоизменил свой политический имидж /облик/ в соответствии с требованиями времени

    • тех. отливать заново

      to recast bells into guns — перелить колокола на пушки

    • пересчитывать; высчитывать или рассчитывать заново

    • давать (пьесу) в новом составе исполнителей

    • перераспределять роли

  • переделка
  • переделать
  • перестраивать
  • переделанный

Примеры использования

The actors in the play were recast once the director realized that they were not in the best roles possible.
We had to recast the actors in our school play because our main actor got sick and won’t be able to come back for a few weeks.
We need to recast the play because the people we currently have in each role aren’t well suited to it.
If something happens to one of the main actors in a movie, the director will have to recast it to fill the position.
The movie was so terrible because the actors chosen to play in it had no idea what they were doing, and the director should have recast it.
February 16 we recast it, and it proved to be of a proper degree of strength.
Our conception of the nature of the contest in which we are engaged must be recast.
Political economy, he thought, would have to be recast and humanised.
Francesco Berni, who recast the Orlando Innamorato, was born circ.
But they could not, for the very reasons that had induced me to recast it, and they declined it.
In 1805 Lewis recast it into a melodrama, which he called Rugantino.
She was puzzled, and determined to recast the interview a little when she related it to Rickie.
Her novel had been recast ever so many times, and still languished.
In 1716 it was recast, and presently placed in the western tower of St. Paul's.
Collado has recast into the colloquial a quote from the Shikimoku.

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