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  1. глагол
    • снова построить; восстанавливать; капитально ремонтировать

      to rebuild a war-torn city — заново отстроить пострадавший от войны город

    • реконструировать; перестраивать

    • переустраивать

      to rebuild society — переустроить /переделать/ общество

    • заново построиться

      we plan to rebuild after the fire — после пожара мы планируем построиться заново

  • восстановить
rebuild the temple – восстановить храм
  • реконструировать
rebuild the economy – перестроить экономику
rebuild the house – перестраивать дом
rebuild the castle – отстроить замок
rebuild again – отстраивать заново
  • перестраиваться
  • пересобрать
  • восстановлять

Примеры использования

He began to rebuild the palace and ordered that the rubbish be removed from the temples.
We will rebuild the Chateau d'Hautecoeur, and we will pass the rest of our lives there.
In the land where he had no name he might yet rebuild his fortunes.
The first task was to rebuild the huts and move into them from their ships.
She played the girl, until he could rebuild his fortress and hide his soul from the world.
Then, when the place is his, he can tear down or rebuild, just as he sees fit.
You should have a set of stencil letters and mark every battery you rebuild or repair.
Always press the negatives of the batteries which you rebuild.
These currents restore and rebuild him; skin, muscle and mind.
In their lust to destroy, they have forfeited the power to rebuild.

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